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"Just think," de Volney declared incredulously, "that this race of Black men, today our slave and the object of our scorn, is the very race to which we owe our arts, sciences, and even the use of speech! Just imagine, finally, that it is in the midst of people who call themselves the greatest friends of liberty and humanity that one has approved the most barbarous slavery, and questioned whether Black men have the same kind of intelligence as whites! See the Introduction To Moorish Race and

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Ancient Black civilizations 

Now then, once you see that the condition that we're in is directly related to our lack of knowledge concerning the history of the Black man, only then can you realize the importance of knowing something about the history of the Black man. The Black man's history—when you refer to him as the Black man you go way back, but when you refer to him as a Negro, you can only go as far back as the Negro goes. And when you go beyond the shores of America you can't find a N

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Most of the Black Power heads often like to cite this book in effort to implement Islamaphobia and to use it as a reference to point to blame their own Ancestors for their modern situation in the United States. They often like to blame the Muslim Moors for Slavery and ignore that Slavery existed during the times of what they call "Kemet", that is times before the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, all in effort to make Pre-Islamic African civilizations appear to be "Disney Land" where everyone

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According to David Mac Ritchie " Mr. Skene does not regard Fordun's description as wholly accurate; and Fordun, be it remembered, did not write until two hundred years after this event. Since the north eastern corner of this twelfth century "Moors' country" has continued t bear the name of "Moray' country" has continued to bear the name of "Moray" down to the present day, and as another portion of that large territory is still known as "the Black Isle;" it would appear that various "reservatio

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This blog is to inform Moors and non Moors who subscribe to the Sovereign Citizen belief as to the meaning and application of Capitis Diminutio in general because it is definitely something Moors and those known as African Americans, Blacks or Negroes were subjected to in the United States of America. See Introduction to Moorish Race and Nationality

White and Black Sovereign U.S. Citizens (USA Nationals) have been presenting to the public that the phrase  Capitis Diminutio Maxima means a ma

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Moorish-identification is the expression of the Moor's right to self-determination.

In 2014 the Law Division [Civil Division of the Superior Court of New Jersey) ruled in El Mujaddid v. Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office, City of Vineland et. al., Superior Court of New Jersey Law Division CAM-L4514-13:

Here, assuming for the purpose of this motion, that the search warrant was constitutionally defective and that his Moorish identification documents were not per se contraband, the

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Let freedom ring with a buckshot, but not just yet
First we need to truly understand the nature of the threat
And a pale man walks in the threshold of darkness
Roughly 20,000 years ago the first humans evolved
with the phenotypical trait, genetic recessive
Blue eyes, blonde hair and white skin
Albinism apparently was a sin to the original man, Africans
So the mutants traveled North of the equator
Called Europeans later, the first race haters
So here's the Devil's alpha to the beta
Cause history

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"If this great African culture were alive 2day
We'd b 400 years more advanced
From Arabia they came 2 blossom in Spain
And 2 the beat of the drum they danced

Masters of the Arts and all industry
While France, England and all Germany
Wallowed in the mire of their own bigotry
The Moors were the ones who were truly free

Civilization came 2 Europe thru the Greek
Who were simply Africans who came from the Nile
The Greeks gave it 2 Rome who lost their way home
And it stayed that way 4 quite a while"

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Find more videos like this on Murakush Society

In 1492 you came upon these shores. Seven hundred years, educated by the moors;
17th Century-- genocide and the gun
Middle Passage blessed to market the Africans.

In the so-called ""Land of God"" My kind were treated hard.
From back then until now
I see, and you agree--
We have been a misrepresented people.

From back then until now Just see my family tree;
We have been a misrepresented people.
We have been a misrepresented people.


19th cen

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Covenant of Medina (Sahifat al-Madinah)



The constitution of Medina and not the Magna Carta was the first ever constitution describing a pluralistic society. 


The Charter of Medina (Arabicصحيفة المدينة‎‎, Ṣaḥīfat al-Madīnah; or: ميثاق المدينةMīthāq al-Madīnah), also known as the Constitution of Medina (دستور المدينةDastūr al-Madīnah), was drafted by the Islamic prophet Muhammad shortly after his arrival at Medina (then known as Yathrib) in 622 CE[1] (or 1 AH), following the Hijra fr

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Serah, the Moor and Tirhakah king of Moors [Ethiopia]

Taharqa was described by the Ancient Greek historian Strabo as having "Advanced as far as Europe",[16] and (citing Megasthenes), even as far as the Pillars of Hercules in Spain.[17]

In biblical depictions, he is the saviour of the Hebrew people, as they are being besieged by Sennacherib (Isaiah 37:8-9, & 2 Kings 19:8-9).

Actor Will Smith is developing a film entitled The Last Pharaoh, which he plans to produce and star as Taharqa. Carl

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In German the word "Mohr" [Moor] is associated with people perceived to  be sub-Saharan African, the historical usage aims contrast to people from North-West African regions, especially from East Africa( Ethiopia , Eritrea , Ethiopia , Aksum , Nubia ) and North West Africa ( Mauritania , Western Sahara , Mali , Morocco , Algeria , see Bidhan ).

In German, the word "Mohr" [Moor] apparently historically has a stronger affinity to the ancient Greek word ethiopos (for "burnt face"). 

The identifi

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Happy End in Huttwil . After a long back and forth to the new name of the hotel restaurant Mohren baptism is now succeeded: The operation of host Fritz Graber carries in future two new names. 

The restaurant is the Moorish king, and the hotel is now called the little prince. As the government governorship Oberaargau announced, neon signs corresponding two are attached to the building. 

These are approved by both the cantonal monument preservation as well as the Huttwiler Construction Committe

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Logo Hotel Drei Mohren

A new chronicle not only of the 300 year old history of the hotel Drei Mohren. The Author also tells of guests such as Clark Gable and Zarah Leander. By Miriam Zissler

There are curious episodes in the chronicle of the hotel Drei Mohren.Approximately in 1985, country singer Johnny Cash stayed there. Intoxicated he maltreated with a knife at night his door. "He has but paid in connection"

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Mohr is a German-language name for [Moors] people with darker skin color . Ancient (Old and Middle High German) initially by residents of Mauritania ( Moors ), and generalized in the Middle Ages "People with dark skin", since the 16th century only in this extended meaning.

The word is now rarely used, and if so, in the historical or literary context or as part of names, such. As a coat of arms figure in heraldry . The name and the image of the Moor also found its way into numerous sequential

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The Spring 2013 collection of the beloved fashion house included ‘Blackamoor’ or ‘Moorish’ symbolism in the form of the heads of Moorish women used in dangling earrings and on the printed fabrics of dresses. A clarification via the designers' online magazine, "The show jewellery is reminiscent of ornate ceramics that often appear in Sicilian homes, restaurants and hotels.


The Moor head earings were inspired by traditional Moorish people, a term used to describe the Medieval Musli

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Influence for the "Black Panther" concept derives from the Moor, Thami El Glaoui also known as Hassan El Glaoui, was the son of the Pasha of Marrakech, Hadj Thami El Glaoui – also known as the Black Panther - was born into one of the oldest Berber families in Morocco, who for generations were considered the most fearless warriors of the Atlas region. See Winston Churchill and the Black Panther's Son Revealed in New Exhibition at Leighton House Museum

 Until his death in 1956, the Pasha of M

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Arabic wine poetry, called khamriyyah, originated in the 6th century but started to become more prominent in the 9th century. In Al-Andalus, from the 9th through 11th centuries, wine parties became an honored tradition, very popular especially for the elite, the courtiers close to the Caliph. These parties were the origin and subject of many wine poems. It seems logical to conclude that the rulers were fully aware of these wine parties, yet apparently did nothing to impede them. See Moorish Gr

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