As Salaam Mu Alaikum!

Greetings Moors!

Moorish Harem LLC is an entity created to provide us Moors with the best look to give to the world. Throughout all of the activity of the Moors we all know and see that it is clear that we look like fools, and uncouth. People are vain, and if we want to play this game to win, we have to do as Nabi Noble Drew Ali said and always look our best. Moorish Harem is to present the best PR that us Moors can provide in accordance with our ancient forefathers ways of stunting. 

Living the good life is apart of our heritage and culture, as well as history and lawful birthright, this is why so many of our people have that innate feeling to keep up with the joneses. Even though this desire to "stunt" is also stems from our ned to over compensate for the lack of status and standing in our lives in this society, it none the less is rooted in our DNA to "Live That Life" and "Stunt".  After all this is what Moors do.

There is also a need for us to raise the minds of people and especially our Young Men and Boys. Due to the lack of respectful responsible fathers in these dilapidated single mother homes, our youth including many of us, grew up without the proper guidance and this entity, specifically the site takes our collective intelligence and aspirations and channels them into the content that many can log on and simply digest. 

While in beta stage Moorish Harem has garnered ad revenue and mainstream buzz. Moorish Harem is the look and face we want to give to the public and mainstream. Moorish Harem is also a digital media platform that enables us to fight against any disparaging propaganda, and to offer the public a change to engage the Moors directly and get the word for the horses mouth so to speak. The Moorish Movement in this era and generation has to appeal to the generations in a way that captivates them, because the younger generations are the ones that will deal with our legacy long after we are gone. Let's not do to future generations, what was done to us by previous generations.

We are offering the opportunity to members of this to make some extra money on the side by joining our team. You can make some extra money by:

  1. Blogging & Writing Articles for Moorish Harem.
  2. Content Managing 
  3. Model Recruiting
  4. Videographer & Photographer
  5. Graphic Designer
  6. Social Media Manager
  7. Ad Representatives

Blogging & Writing Articles for Moorish Harem: We are offering bloggers $10 for each article we publish on our website. The full payout will be bi-weekly meaning every two weeks. You will also be paid 50% of all google ad revenue your article or blog generates on our website, of which the payouts are every month. All you need is a paypal account. ll blogs must promote and advertise their blog and articles throughout their social media and email lists so they will optimize their monetization through google ads.

Content Manager: We are offering content managers $50 weekly to edit and ensure that content on Moorish Harem is in accordance with our guidelines.

Model Recruiters: We have a section of our website (desirables) specifically to show case real Models, there are many up and coming as well as established models that are looking to show case their talents and we offer them that chance. We need two people who can scan the net and their locale for models who are willing to be featured on our website. W re willing to pay $100 a month for this.

Videographer & Photographer: In accordance with our Model section we are looking for people who are photographers or interested in photography and videography. We are having many photo shoots this summer and spring with models and other people who will be featured on our website, and we need people with experience or willing to learn photography and videography so that we can keep the creative work in house. The pay for this position is on a case by case basis, depending on the size of the photo shoot and video set.

Graphic Designer: We are looking for Graphic Designers or people who are interested in learning the craft. There are many photos and graphics that need to be created from scratch or augmented so that we can use them for articles and other things on Moorish Harem. We are offering $200 a month to each person for this position.

Social Media Manager: We are offering $100 a month for this position. We need someone who can keep the Moorish Harem social media pages updated and interactive.

Ad/Sponsor Representative: We need ad representatives to solicit companies for Ads and Sponsorship for Moorish Harem. The pay is commission based and the commission is anywhere from 20%-40% of each account acquired.

If you are interested in making some extra money on the side by joining the Moorish Harem Team then join this group and stayed tuned for more updates.


Khalifah: Mansa Shyaam El Malik al-Kushimir

Murakush Caliphate of America Corp. 

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  • I would like the challenge of Blogging  Content manager, Ad Rep also Social Media manager.

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