As Salaam Mu Alaikum!

باسم الله ، الرحيم، الرحمن، وليس هناك ما يمكن ولا قوة إلا بالله ، العظيم، والسامي.


In The Name Of Allah, The Most Compassionate, The Most Merciful, And There Is No Might Nor Power But In God, The Great, The High.


I Khalifah: Shyaam M.K. Al Muharrir of the Murakush Caliphate of America is sending this general alert announcement and update with Murakush and what we have been planning for the new fiscal year. This is for the purposes of strengthen communications. As some of you may know we have gone through many changes since we first came online, and those who have known us before that time, knows how far we have come from our work offline. There has been much controversy in the atmosphere regarding Murakush, in relation to other individuals, organizations, and litigations. However we are still here standing firm, strong, and better than ever.


Some people have defected and lost faith, even more has steadfast, been loyal, and have contributed tremendously to Murakush’s growth, whether that has been purchasing a book, some other product or service, or assisting with the promotion of Murakush, or assisting with the drafting of the 2012 Sundry Free Moors Bill etc. Some have grown impatient and even more have been honorably patient. The time is now and the new fiscal year of 2012 Gregorian calendar, 1433 Hijri Calendar is upon us.


The most important thing I want you all to know, is that most attempts to resurrect the industrious Moors have failed in the past because of improper goal planning, and lack of infrastructure created from sound reason, used along with the proper data regarding economics, commerce, politics, religion & spirituality. These things must be in unison if we are to achieve the intended goal of which is essentially economic freedom, and political freedom from second class citizen subject slave status.  


Our projected overall goals for the new fiscal year is the implementation of some new programs and projects we have developed in order to thrust Murakush and our Nationals into a position of stability and economic, legal and political health in 2012. Some of the Programs and projects are:

  • Murakush Eco-Community Development Project: Our entrepreneurial/real estate acquisition and Halal organic food-Co-op project. Also establishing Murakush Jurisdictions.
  • Murakush Preparedness Network: Our internal emergency preparedness network, for continuity of Murakush’s and our Nationals existence in case of natural or man-made disasters, through preparedness and survival training.
  • The Sundry Free Moors Act of 2012: Our Bill that is being presented to the Congress of the United States of America. This bill is the first piece of legislation being lobbied by out Political Action Committee.
  • Zakat/Social Security Program: Our internal charitable gifting program for our National Members to receive assistance with food, clothing, shelter, transportation, & communication.


One of the most important things is infrastructure and a way to transfer power within an organization with proper ranks and position for the execution and discharge of duties and obligations associated with that particular office being held. This is key as accomplishing this allows us to govern ourselves, which is essential in effectuating self-determination as a people.  I have come across many who have read the solution book, and while I am honored that they purchased, it alerts me when they assume that those solutions can be implemented without Murakush, which in the Solution book it establishes that it cannot be done with Murakush.


The Solution book was designed to give Moors a layout of how to obtain Liberation, however if you are apart of Murakush it is highly recommended, in fact compulsory that you be tuned with the current updates as to how the administration of these solutions should be applied. They are certainly not to be done in an individual capacity even as stipulated within the Solution Book. As it stands now we have simplified and perfected the process, the infrastructure, the filings and all the things needed to move forward as Moors subject to our own nation.  The era of guessing, trial and error, and experimentation is over for Moors, for we have perfected the loose ends that all other Moorish organizations before us has left loose.  We can now say that we have everything we need at Murakush to remedy all of the problems of the Moors. However it takes the full active participation of Moors in order to insure that it will be done.


I am eager to announce to all members of this site, that we are introducing our 30-Day MURAKUSH NATIONAL ENROLLMENT DRIVE! As part of our Nationalization & Privatization Act we want to allow as many Moors as possible to register with Murakush as Murakush Nationals. American born Moors who want to expatriate and Moors who want to stay U.S. Citizens are welcomed.  Moors of Abrahamic Faiths are also welcomed. Non-Abrahamic faiths are welcomed to become members so longs they are willing to take the proper Moorish Rites (Shahada, and a Bay’ia). We are offering Moors who want to be apart of Murakush and correct their political & economic status to do so at a very low fee. We understand that the economy is at depression levels and finance is difficult to acquire and maintain, therefore we are offering entrance into our Enrollment Program for a one-time fee of $100.00.

(This fee covers printing & sealing costs.)


The fee covers the full Application process, all 9 Certificates,  & full access to the 4 courses in 1, Nationalization Privatization Course. The Dissolution Certificate Form, and the Affidavit Correction Certificate Form. For more information on the Enrollment program please click here. We are offering amnesty (meaning complete waiver of the $100.00 fee or 25% discount for enrollment program depending on the circumstances) to certain members who have been members of our website and have been a valued asset to our growth in some way shape or form.  To see if you are eligible for the fee waiver check the list below.


  • If you signed up to our website in between June 2009 and December, you may be eligible for a 25% discount on the $100.00 enrollment fee.
  • If you enrolled in our Identity Correction Course, and Dissolution & Liquidation Course from January 2010 to March 2010, and have completed at least one of the steps required in either, you qualify for a 25% discount on the $100.00 fee for the enrollment program
  • If you signed up for the Nationalization Program from June 2010, to December 2011 and never received all the instruments or courses, you qualify for a full waiver of the $100.00 enrollment fee.
  • If you purchased a book and haven’t received it within at least 30 days, you are eligible for a 25% discount on the $100.00 enrollment fee.


There is a $20 fee for shipping and handling (delivery 2-3 Weeks)

There is $40.00 for expedited shipping and handling (5-7 Business Days)


Note: If you are eligible for any of the above please contact us at with the information that evidences your eligibility.



Note: If you have ordered any books from Murakush and have not received them as of yet, please allow 2 more weeks for delivery as we have had to change the company we have outsourced our book production to.



من عبد الله ، محمد ، نجل عبد الله، قد تضفي الله نعمته عليه وسلم. آمين!

(From the servant of God, Muhammed, son of Abdallah, may God bestow His favor upon him. Amen!)

دائما وفي الشرف!  

Always In Honor!

خليفة : شيام م ك المحرر  

Khalifah: Shyaam M.K. Al Muharrir

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